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A Guide on How to Install Split Rail Fence Correctly

One of the early methods in fencing is the split rail fence, it is typical used to fence farmhouses. Anyone who is living near the forest should learn the procedure on how to install split rail fence. The reason is because the enclosure is often found in forested area since most of its readily available materials are found in the wooden area.

Despite the fact that this method is out of date, it is still appealing and attractive primarily to those who still keep with the tradition. It is easy, generally well-fortified and economical. The installation is pretty simple and only uses basic tools such as a pair of gloves, helmet, axe, and wedge. The very important thing about this method is that you can recycle your inoperative timbers and make it into a useful and beautiful enclosure.

Now before you install it, of course you need first to establish where you will put the fence. Check first if the place is safe and is okay to excavate. Also, see to it that there is no gas, water or power line beneath the area you are supposed to dig up holes. These line are extremely hazardous to anyone in the area.

After you finally decide you will build your fence, measure the perimeter of the area you want to enclose. Be sure to put a mark on the boundary line to prevent confusion. You can use a ground stakes and make a clear outline by tying a guideline from one corner to following corners. Through this, you can be able to make a straight and well-stretch line.

After making a guideline, put all the corner posts. Dig up an appropriate hole to place the split posts. Make sure also that it should accommodate a third of the overall length of the post to get an exact size of the holes. After that place the concrete to about 24 inches deep and leave it for 72 hours minimum. Place your posts at an approximate distance of 10 to 12 feet from each other. After that, you can now remove the guidelines you made and check if the posts are in straight line.

Then, place a guide wire and make sure the posts are vertically upright. The importance of setting up the wire is to see if the line is accurate based on its dimension and smoothness.
After that, measure the length of all your posts to keep a clean appearance. Using a wedge or axe, cut the post from the top to bottom.

The last step is to join the split post and rail together by using hammer and drive nails. The place will not only keep the place beautiful within, but it will also serve as a strong protection from any destruction.

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