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Top Considerations When Purchasing a Singing Bowl

For thousands of years, singing bowls have been known to produce sounds which can soothe the mind and also aid in meditation. If you want to buy a perfect singing bowl, then you should not settle for anything that comes your way. If you shop around, you will find different designs of singing bowls but remember that they are not all made for the same purpose and the right should match your requirements. Buying an ideal singing bowl can pose various challenges if you have never tried it and this article provides a straightforward guide.

Assess your needs to determine the right kind of singing bowl that suits you. Do you want a singing bowl that will help you in relaxing your mind and body during a massage? The bowls are also used for meditation and entertainment. If you know what you need the singing bowl for, then you can easily find an appropriate one.

Spare some time to test the pitch of the sound of the singing bowl. Singing bowls produce different sound qualities, and therefore, you cannot pick one randomly to suit a particular purpose. Checking the sound of the singing bowl is recommendable by striking or rubbing it with a wooden rod. Strike the bowl with a wooden rod and carefully listen to the pitch of sound it creates. Determine if the sound quality is the right one that you need.

Exercise caution if you are purchasing the bowls on the internet. Even though buying a singing bowl is convenient on the internet, it does not provide you with a practical opportunity to test the singing bowls. It is advisable to purchase the bowls from a website that has video clips which you can play to examine its quality.

Determine the right size of the singing bowl. Small size singing bowls provide high pitch sound, and the big singing bowls produce low pitch sound. Since different sizes of singing bowls give different pitches of sound, you should select the right one which suits your purpose.

Find out the types of materials used to make the bowls. Usually, the bowls are made of either a mixture of 2 or 5 different metals, but you can also find singing bowls made of 7 different metals. Most singing bowls are made of 2 or 5 different metal, but the one made of 7 metal proves to be the best with regards to sound quality and vibration frequency.

Consider whether the bowl is hand-made or machine-made. The singing bowls crafted by hands are the best because they are unique. Machine-made singing bowls are not special since there are numerous of them made similarly. Further, your budget should be reasonable to afford the best quality singing bowl.

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