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Importance Of Marketing
Many times a firm may get to question themselves on the benefit of retailing to the positive result of firm. In this chapter we are going to expound on the benefits of retailing a which entails branding, promotion.
There are many benefits but before we expound on them there are a number of marketing mix that a company must think about before deciding to go all in marketing. The commodity is one of the things that come into play as the company should be able to know the suitability of their product to the consumer.
The asking figure of a given commodity and you should be able to factor in all the costs incurred and also be able to range with others in the market. Propaganda is another marketing mix which may involve a lot of sampling, giving out offers which is a real factor in marketing. The position is really crucial and as we know about mapping the area out as to get to have an idea of the potential clients. A given product may not do so well in a given region due to a number of issues like cultural beliefs and so on but may thrive in another place.
One of the importance is that it is able to be a source of livelihood for the citizens as they get to make a living. The value is that it is able to generate income in terms of the volume of items sold.
This doctrine is able to bring a sense of invention with new ways that makes the product to sell. The highlight is that the is able to be creation of rivalry which is necessary in any given sector as it makes one to improve on weaknesses and capitalize on strengths. Marketing acts a basis of making decision as the company is able to determine the consumer pattern and through this they are able to create a new product for this rising need or even improve.
Another highlight is that marketing is able to build the reputation of a company this is because they are able to use corporate social responsibility and branding. In conclusion we have been able to see that marketing is an important tool that cannot go unnoticed.

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